sábado, setembro 02, 2006

Respeito é bom e eu gosto e vc também

Respect is good and I taste and you also Lately have spoken very in the media that increased the middle class, and therefore until the rich person they perceive that, if to continue of the skill that this, they themselves will be wronged. That is, also who is well in the life knows that it needs to follow the common rule. Also the elite starts to see that she started to depend on ethical principles to survive. E on the other hand the poor persons do not find prettier not to have what to eat, From there that let us speak in such a way in ethics: the Brazilian society was taking conscience of that, in the war of all against all, values as of the respect, of the equality and of the freedom they are basic. Or they, or the chaos. The soil is this that made, in recent years, to grow in such a way the interest for the ethics, since courses that are given until a outcry each bigger time for ethics in the politics. This is highly positive data of our social life. It is probable that, in few years, it changes the profile of the Country for better. The society believes more in the ethics of what the elite. One of the errors of the last government was not to give the due weight to the ethical protest of the people against the politicians, and waits that the current government does not repeat this. But we do not have neither to believe the social persistence for the ethics as if it was only the result of a moral inspiration. It has a sufficiently simple reason. He consists of the fact of terms perceived that, or we pass in them to respect ones to the others, or the chaos will take account of everything. It is a question, today, of life or death for Brazil. A good example of this is the street that I live the people had lost the ethical census completely. They even hear dawn musics, they speed up its vehicles until I finish it and still superficially ones prostitute had rented to a together house the family house as if this was the thing most natural. All world knows all sees and nobody makes swims nor the local authorities is normal motorcyclist here to pass in high speed in the sidewalk and still to laugh at the face of people. This only makes to grow the hatred and the incredulity. E this is the question, of nowadays of as much death and disrespect to the next one. If my next one does not respect me because I have that